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Hello There 

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Garda regatta and training camp, where we have a complete training program ready for you. The program includes sailing, physical training and lots of fun! 

International Training Camp

The Lake Garda Training Camp has a long tradition of bringing sailors from many different countries together. During the camp you will make new friends, and get lots of inputs from sailors and coaches from many different countries.


We recognize that language can be barrier for some, but based on input from sailors, we have decided that the benefit of being a big group, outbalances the disadvantage of minor and limited language problems. In order to reduce language barriers, we aim to have a diverse coach team.

Personal Goals


Get an even higher outcome of the camp by writing your expectations and personal goasl to til coaches. If you need help specifying your goals, feel free to contact the coaches by clicking the letter below.

Click on the letter to contact all the coaches


Will be announced soon

3 different kind of downwind sailing

A video from Icecamp 2014

shows 3 different kinds of lane races


DEN 1777 Anna Livbjerg

NOR 428 Lars Johan Brodtkorb

THE 1789 Søren Johnsen

Focus Areas


The training camp will have four main focus areas


Speed and sail setup

Tactic and strategy before and after the start

Manoeuvres and techniques

Start training

  • Will be announced soon


Physical training

During the training camp, there will be a minimum of 2 physical training sessions; the quantity will be depending on the weather conditions.


Sailing Documents

Remember to bring your documents. Like any other international regatta, you will not be able to participate if you don’t have them.


The required documents:


All measurement papers.

Valid insurance.

Sailing club membership documentation

National association membership.


Social perspective

Even though the main reason for attending Garda is to improve one’s sailing skills, the social aspect is very important. Garda camp has long traditions for various social activities.


Dinner and Party

There will be a dinner party during the training camp, More info on the board


Garda Cup

The Garda Cup is a small training regatta, which will be held during the training camp. The sailing instructions will be publish on the notice board. There will be a total of five races, if the conditions allow it. 


To do before the Regatta

Check for ware and tare: bolts, ropes, blocks, pins, dagger board, rudder, sails, wires etc.

Receipt for payment of the regatta.

Running shoes and training outfit


Toolbox with the necessary spare parts.

Extra: A bike makes you independent and it is an easy way to get to and from the Harbor



The sailors are responsible for their own transportation and the coordination of it, but should you need advice feel free to contact us. 


Coach boat

The camp is dependent on parents or sailors transporting the coach boats to Garda and back again. A compensation each way will be provided. Should your sailing club be able to provide one or more coach boats please contact the coaches. Information is located in the bottom.


The Place

The Regatta and training camp is held in Torbole Harbor at Lake Garda. Lake Garda is known for its great sailing conditions, with a light northern wind in the morning and a southern sea breeze in the afternoon. 



Each sailor must arrange their own accommodation, but should you need advice feel free to contact us.


Price for the training camp

The price is 336 EUR


Registration for the Regatta only

Click here to sign up for the regatta


Further questions

If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact us by clicking on the letter below or writing an email to

Click on the letter to contact ECD

or write an email to

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